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I had the utmost rudist ignorant employee in one of your establishments, I hope to God that I never get treated like the way she treated me ever again by anyone, her customer service skills are literally a 0/10. She made me and my girlfriend feel like we were an inconvenience to her doing her job.

I have been to other locations and as well as other restaurants and never been treated like this. I will never come to this location again.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). Mbullerman is overall dissatisfied with Checkers Drive In and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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How was she rude? What did she say or do?

Naples, Florida, United States #1205941

You use a lot of words and say nothing. And you spelled rudest wrong.

to LadyScot Detroit, Michigan, United States #1206326

What don't you understand?

to LadyScot Markham, Ontario, Canada #1208050

The thing is my girlfriend and I were arguing and I made her cry. I wanted to smack my girlfriend.

This rudist lady(and remember dummy, remove the i and add an e) so I spelled it right you spelled it wrong. My girlfriend and I were arguing. I was using profanity because she made me angry. The couple across from us who has three kids two teens probably 13 and 14, and one seven year old or so.

They looked at me and were annoyed. THen this rudist lady told me that If I did not keep my voice down I would have to leave even though everything was my girlfriend's fault. I was treated rudely. I wanted to know who made the complaint, she did not do her job by telling me who complaied about me.

Then she was telling me she was going to get her manager to ask me to leave, i left and my girlfriend had to pay for my meal.

It was her job to tell me who complained about me. di

to LadyScot Detroit, Michigan, United States #1208053

I spelled rudist right, you drop the e. We learn this in the fifth grade.

My girlfriend and I were arguing and I was so angry that I could hit her. Yeah I did use some profanity. Someone complained about me. When I asked the rudist lady in the world who complained she said she was not allowed to tell me.

IT was her job to tell me who was rude. I think it was that family sitting across from us. They gave dirty looks and told me not to swear in front of their children who were 7-14 or so and know the words. SHe told me that if I did not keep it down I would leave.

Then I left after telling my girlfriend look at what you have done. I made her pay for my meal and hers.

I found out this rudist person in the world then asked my girlfriend if she was okay and if they needed to call the police. She was rude by not doing her job in telling me who reported me.

to Mbullerman Naples, Florida, United States #1211809

Go back to 5th grade and learn why the drop e rule does not apply to the word rude.

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