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I went to the #4176 location in Centerpoint located in Birmingham, Alabama. This the second time I had to come back for a refund.

The employees laughing and constantly asking me to repeat my order. Once i paid and got my food, the order was still incorrect. I had two seperate orders and both was wrong. I stated it was incorrect and the cashier picked threw the sandwich then gave it to the cook fix it.

Once I searched my second bag and stated it was also incorrect, she asked for the whole order back. She picked threw the bags and was trying to figure out what was incorrect while switching and touching over fries and burgers, head all in the bag, so i stated can i just have a refund. It was too much time wasted and i had to be at work within the next 30 minutes. I waited for every bit of 20 minutes and to have the food incorrect and have to back to McDonalds for the second time my food was incorrect.

This is an issue i felt could have been prevented if the employees wasn't playing and laughing while i was trying to order.

2 weekks ago the cashier stated the ice machine, smoothie machine, and milk shake machine was out of order, and the you all no longer sell HiC. Gave me a burger that looked like someone had been playing with it or tore a piece of the bread off, I'm not sure, but I love rally's and it's sad i tried to give it another try after the first incendent, which I feel was a mistake.

Review about: Checkers Drive In Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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"have to back to McDonalds for the second time my food was incorrect."


"threw " -- past tense of "throw"

"through" -- moving in one side and out of the other side of (an opening, channel, or location).

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